Design & Forge a multi-function Wrist

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  • Project Duration: 30 weeks (150 days)
  • Learning time allocation (suggested) : 19-20 hrs / Week
  • Assigned course experts: 3
  • Webinars with  Autodesk Generative Design expert.
  • Webinars with 2 Guest Innovators.
  • Fortnightly doubt clearing sessions with course experts.
  • Option to purchase the project in a group of 2.
  • Option to purchase the course as per your choice.
Course Description

Deep-dive into the product development of our highly appreciated “Avocado Wrist Connector”.
Learn about “Generative Study”, a feature introduced by Autodesk Incorporation inside Fusion 360.

Develop your skills in the advanced Computer-aided design & Manufacturing environment and learn how we used AI-based algorithm feature (Generative Study) to fabricate a lightweight and mass manufacturable wrist connector used by amputees in emerging economies.  

Interact and understand the design & engineering life-cycle of a commercial product with a series of global guests from the core hardware-technology industry.

Key courses include:

  • CAD foundation course
  • Product Development Cycle 
  • Product Design : Wrist Connector
  • CAD Simulations – Basic & Advance
  • Product Optimisation
  • Generative Design – Basic
  • Generative Design – Product
  • Subtractive Manufacturing – Basic 
  • Subtractive Manufacturing – Product

Software requirement: Laptop / Desktop System with updates from 2019 & onwards.
Educator / Student License: Fusion 360 – Eagle.
Startup License: Fusion 360 – Eagle.
Free Version (Limited access): Fusion 360-Eagle.

By the end of this Project, you will be able to : 

  • Easily utilize CAD software for developing 3D models.
  • Kickstart Product development life-cycle.
  • Conduct Simulation study as per designed product. 
  • Generative Design implementation in product development. 
  • Attempt Generative Design for commercial fabrication. 
  • Implement learning of  subtractive manufacturing, machining, material science for fabrication. 
  • Design and rapid prototype a CNC part.
  • Develop a hardware product from level zero.
  • Document your product development life-cycle.


CAD & Manufacturing

Limited learning of Design-Engineering, Generative Design, Manufacturing
  • Industrial CAD Course
  • Basic Generative Design
  • Basic Subtractive Manufacturing
  • Webinar with Guest Innovators
  • Fortnight doubt clearing session (Live)

Complete Project

Complete knowledge about Product Development
  • Industrial CAD Course
  • Generative Design
  • Subtractive Manufacturing
  • Webinars with Guest Innovators
  • Fortnight doubt clearing session (Live)